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  1. My name is Melanie Moore my blog is armywifeteacherlife@blogspot.
    I live in North Carolina and would love to try to attend a conference. The locations that you mentioned sound great to me. I would rather the conference be when I wouldn' have to take much or any time off from my kiddos at school (I just freak when I need a sub!)
    Thanks soooooo much for all of your sharing and great ideas! I LOVE your blog and check it multiples times a day!

  2. what a FANTASTIC idea!
    1. Lindsey @ The Teacher Wife

    2. Would you be willing to attend?! YES!

    3. Location ideas: Las Vegas… (i live in ut)

    4. The best month for travel: anytime

    5. What would you be willing to pay?! ummm??? no idea! not too much, i'm a teacher! 😉

    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers you’d like to see present… Heidi from HeidiSongs

    Let me know if you need help with designing anything!

  3. Ok, I already commented over on Abby's blog, but I just had to say…I love your initial and frame in the background there! I've got to try that.

  4. I love the idea.

    I'm Jodi from The Clutter-Free Classroom (

    I live in the Boston area and would love to attend.

    As for location, it seems like a good portion of the teachers have young families. It's hard to justify taking off and spending the money unless the family is involved. While the locations mentioned are appealing, I don't think I would take my family to Chicago or Vegas. I think Orlando would be ideal. It's easy to get cheap flights, there are tons of hotels, it's easy to navigate and it would appeal to families. Disney specifically makes it easy because you don't need to rent a car. They'll even transport you from the airport for free. And it would be easy for hubby to hang with kids.

    As for when…it's hard to get time off of work, but school vacations are pricey. I would think that given the planning involved you wouldn't want to do it before the spring and the fall is crazy with back to school stuff. I would say late spring or summer.

    There is so many people I would love to see and topics I would be interested. My blog focuses on classroom organization and management. I would be happy to present on those subjects.

    Can't wait to hear more about this. My email is

  5. 1. Sarah Bushey from Apple Pie Spice
    2. New to blogging and now obsessed…definitely would be willing to attend!
    3. I live in upstate NY but am willing to travel wherever.
    4. Spring Break or Summer Break sooo April or July
    5. $300 – $500 / person for the weekend
    6. Workshop topics: Organizational tips, classroom pics and decorating ideas, behavior plans
    Speakers: The First Grade Parade, The Inspired Apple, Fabulous in First, First Grade O.W.L.S., Life in First Grade

    YAY! Can't wait to hear more about this! Happy Back to School!

  6. 1. Katie @ Keeping Up With Katie

    2. Heck Yes!

    3. There are always going to be locations that are better for each of because of our own location. Personally, Nashville is closest but honestly I would look into traveling anywhere!

    4. As I am still praying a teaching job falls in my lap…anytime would be good!

    5. When I've attended the University of Arkansas' Literacy Symposiums they ran close to $200. (I got in @ $75 as a student) I would say no more than $200 because of travel fees, etc.

    6. Oh dear…I'm still dying to meet The Sisters (Daily Five/ Cafe) and honestly just meeting some of y'all bloggers out there would be awesome! Topics definitely need to range from primary and up…I know there are upper elementary teachers that need some good ideas too. 🙂

  7. I just recently came across your teaching blog. I actually followed your recipe blog for a while before I realized you had a teaching one too! I teach second grade in Pennsylvania (near Hershey). Right now my blog is mostly a family blog, but I would definitely be interested in starting a teaching blog. I've noticed there are a lot of K, and 1st grade blogs, but not too many 2nd grade ones out there (that I could find). I've been on maternity leave for the past 18 months so any information and ideas I can find is very helpful. I can't wait to check out some of the other teaching blogs from the commenters!

  8. 1. Hi my name is Claire Dietsche at

    2. Yes Yes Yes I would come to a fabulous event like what you describe.

    3. I like Chicago, NYC, or Boston.

    4. any month is fine with me though I like summer best to travel.

    5. I'm not sure what I would pay. What are the costs to put on such an event? What is the going rate for conferences? I went to the big ISTE conference in Philly this summer and the conference cost around $350 for about 3-4 days.

    6. I want to know about daily 5 and incorporating it in the classroom. blogging with students, networking with others, finding others to skye with (classrooms during the school year), maybe creating projects together that we carry out throughout the year and blogging about it, maybe blogging tips, oh I could go on. Thanks so much for setting this up.

  9. 1. Your name & blog
    Christina @ Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

    2. Would you be willing to attend?!
    Yes… if it wasn't toooo far!

    3. Location ideas
    Love the idea of Chicago!

    4. The best month for travel

    5. What would you be willing to pay?!
    No more than $500 TOTAL

    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers you’d like to see present

    Ginny from the Phonics Dance, different children's book authors

    Can't wait to follow up on what comes of this! 🙂

  10. Hi Cara!
    My name is Andrea Schafer and I don't have a blog (yet)but would love love love to come. I think Nashville or Chicago would be great locations…I live in Ohio and each would be about 8 hours away. Summer would definitely be best, but I am not opposed to sometime in the spring for a long weekend! I would think $500 would be a decent price!? I would love to hear the Daily 5 sisters speak, as well as anyone with the Phonics Dance or Writing Workshop. Thanks!!! 🙂

  11. 1. Stacey @ Ramblings of a First Grade Teacher
    2. I would LOVE to attend!!
    3. Dallas? LOL
    4. Not September 🙂 any time really
    5. No more than $350
    6. The Sisters

  12. Great idea!!! You are just adorable!

    1. Cristy at Krazy 4 Kinders

    2. Absolutely, want to attend!

    3. I live in North Carolina. I like the Nashville idea.

    4. We all have crazy schedules. Martin Luther King holiday weekend, spring, or early summer may be good times to meet.

    5. No more than $500.

    6. Deanna Jump, Kim Jordano, Kim Adsit, Debbie Diller, or the author of The Book Whisperer

  13. I'd be interested as I am new to the blogs. My blog just got started CialiniChat. I think an Atlantic city conference would be a good idea (selfishly because I live here). Money is an issue so the cheaper the better, not more than $300. My BFF is an event planner for blog gatherings for Momtrends out of NYC so I know all the work you are putting into this idea.

    I look forward to seeing this develop.


  14. 1: I'm Cheryl (Mrs. Saoud) of Primary Graffiti!

    2: Count on me to attend! Let me know if you need help planning.

    3: A great place to have this conference is Orlando, FL. It offers the Kennedy Space Center, Beaches, Disney, Universal, Sea World, and IKEA (LOL). Orlando is a great attraction spot with a large AIRPORT.

    4: I think July would be a fabulous time to host a conference. I know a few buddies in our blogging community that didn't release until late June. July is a time where I can see many more participants.

    5: The conference itself, I couldn't see paying more than 100 dollars a day. I'm not accounting for accommodations and transportation. A city with a larger airport and lots of attractions will host great summer rates and packages.

    6: Wouldn't it be great to feature various bloggers by grade level at this event?!?! Topics of interest would be creative writing, thematic teaching, innovative and creative projects!

  15. Hey Cara.
    I don't currently have a blog but hope that non-bloggers can attend. (I am hoping to start a blog soon)

    1. My name is Kendra Goggins
    2. I would love to attend! Possible locations incude Florida, Atlanta and Charlotte
    3. I live in NC
    4. Summer months work best. June, July or early August
    5.No more than $500 (but allow enough time to plan and save 🙂
    6.I would love to hear you and Abby speak as well as Brooke from the Primary Perspective. In addition, speakers that have knowledege abut The Daily 5, Cafe, Writer's workshop and Reader's Workshop.

    *Kudos to both you and Abby!

  16. 1. I'm Kelly from Beg, Borrow, Steal

    2. O.M.G…YES!!!!!

    3. I live in north Florida so naturally Nashville would be a great choice, also Atlanta or Orlando. If you're thinking vacations with the family Orlando has ALL the theme parks you could ever imagine and the beach is 45 minutes away. 🙂

    4. Late spring or late summer time. I teach summer school, so later in the season is always better.

    5. Again, naturally the cheaper the better 🙂

    6. I would LOVE to just TALK to all these other amazing bloggers!!! I love the idea of a mixer/meet and greet type thing.
    I also would LOVE to help out in any way possible. I love putting together events! Let me know if you need some help.

    So excited!

  17. 1. Deb at Simply The Classroom
    2. I would be interested in meeting up.
    3. I am in the Northern Va/DC area but can also do NY since my family is still there.
    4. Best times to travel would be Spring Break(1st week of April) or Summer.
    5. Willing to pay? That's a tough one. We are tight on money so I guess it would depend on where it is.
    6. I would love to see something from Debbie Miller, The Sisters: Daily 5/Cafe, and any type of blog chats, tips, general meet and greets.

    Thanks for coming up with this great idea!

  18. 1. Ms. Thomas at The First Grade Jungle
    2. Ummm YES! Very interested!
    3. I am in the Baton Rouge area! So, New Orleans is always fun! My family lives in Dallas, so I would be willing to go anywhere in Texas!
    4. Best times? Spring break or summer!
    5. Willing to pay? Yes, depending on how much. Grad school is killing me right now!
    6. I would love Daily Five, Units, Debbie Diller, or anything that my bloggy friends recommend! I trust y'all!

    Great idea! It was so great to put a voice to the face!

    -Ms. Thomas

  19. 1. Ashley from Michigan (a blog is in the works!)
    2. YES! I think this is an amazing idea!
    3. Chicago (because my colleges and I could drive 🙂 but I like the idea of Orlando too!
    4. MLK holiday weekend; Summer (later in June since we get out about the 2nd week of June)
    5. Agree with others… inexpensive is key considering travel costs!
    6. I would LOVE love love to meet lots of the great bloggers out there! As far as topics: everything! Being a 2nd year teacher I'm still new to lots of things!

    Excited to see where this goes! Thanks a bunch!


  20. My name is Alyssa D'Amore. My blog is BRAND new so I have barely posted but its I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to attend. I was thinking July or August as best month for travel. Yes I'd be willing to pay however not TOO much 😉 I would love to have presenters from all grades and maybe materials and some chats about how to work your blogs and how to do TpT. All of that is new stuff to me! Can't Wait!!!!!

  21. 1. Your name & blog: Staci C. I don't have a blog but I am a creeper!!

    2. Would you be willing to attend?! Yes

    3. Location ideas: I think that Nashville would be a great family place to take a mini vaca. I live in Florida so maybe Miami as an idea????

    4. The best month for travel: Mid June 🙂

    5. What would you be willing to pay?! 200-300 pr person

    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers you’d like to see present? I would love to know more about reading incentives, organization ideas, guided reading.

  22. 1. Alexis Martel (I'm re-working my blog but I'll leave you a link to it soon!!!)

    2. Yes!!!!

    3. Dallas (I teach in Allen), ChIcAgO!!

    4. Any month 🙂

    5. I have no idea! But I can start saving now!!

    6. I would love some more info on Daily 5 and math workshops

  23. Hello-
    Blog: Second 2 None (newbie in need of tutoring)
    Yes I would love to attend
    All of the venues mentioned sound great my top 2 would be Las Vegas or Chicago
    I am from SC
    Best month to travel mid July
    Willing to pay including travel $600
    Topics: Getting started, Blogging possibilities, Blog design

  24. 1.Kristin Connelly – no blog, but maybe some day?
    2. I would love to attend
    3. Our favorite vacation spot is Disney World, so Orlando would be a top choice. I live North of Boston, near the New Hampshire border.
    4. Best months would be late June, or July or August

  25. Heyo!
    I'm in the St. Louis area – I think Chicago or Nashville would be awesome!
    I don't have a preference on travel month, but just keep in mind Chicago gets super COLD in the winter!
    I would be interested in being able to meet with various teachers and actually creating activities on the spot — I like so many different ideas I see, but get distracted (I think I have adult on-set ADD…) or forget how to do it, run out of time, etc…

    Let me know what details get worked out!

  26. First, I have to say that I absolutely love your blog and LOVE your wall in the background!!!
    1.My name is Jamie and my blog is
    It isn't a teaching blog but I am addicted to all of them out there!
    2. I would absolutely love to attend a conference like this!
    3. Chicago would be amazing, would you consider San Diego at all?
    4. Summer time would be the best for traveling.
    5. No more than $400.
    6. Incorporating the Daily 5 in a kindergarten classroom, Debbie Diller, math rotations, using literature for lesson plans.

  27. 1. My name is Katy
    3. Orlando, Nashville, Washington DC
    4. Summer
    5. No more than $500
    6. Daily 5, Debbie Diller… really anyone!

  28. 1. Claire @ Miss Knight's Khronicles: Under Our BIG Top

    2. Would you be willing to attend?! YES!

    3. Location ideas: Las Vegas or Dallas

    4. The best month for travel: anytime

    5. What would you be willing to pay?! $300

    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers you’d like to see present
    @ One Extra Degree
    @ The First Grade Parade
    @ Babbling Abby
    @ What the Teacher Wants

  29. Yes I would be willing to attend! I think Spring would be ideal and Nashville or Chicago sounds wonderful. I think $250-300 would be ideal and the sisters, debbie diller, blog design, writers workshop are all ideas that I think would be worth while!

  30. I'd love to attend a teaching blog conference! I would be willing to travel in June or July. I live in Oklahoma, but I would travel to Chicago or Las Vegas. Price would depend on what was offered and who the speakers were. Of course Jack Hartman and Dr. Jean would be great!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  31. 1. Your name & blog: Lindsey – (This isn't a teaching blog… yet!)

    2. Would you be willing to attend?!: Absolutely!

    3. Location ideas: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver (I live in Salt Lake City)

    4. The best month for travel: June/July

    5. What would you be willing to pay?!: We all know teachers don't make much… $150 for the conference plus airfare and hotel…?

    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers you’d like to see present: How to create units on Adobe!!!! (like all you cute bloggers), developing Lesson Plans, Daily 5/Lit. Center ideas., Dealing with outdated faculty… 🙂

    Love the idea, Cara… and LOVE your blog.Thanks.

  32. 1.Nicole Matthews- No blog of my own but I am an avid follower and love the benefits of the sharing!
    2. I live in Georgia but I can travel!
    3. Summer Break (so I have someone to watch the little lady! 🙂 )
    5. $300 – $500 / person for the weekend
    6. Workshop topics: Math work stations, Daily 5, Classroom organization

  33. Hi Cara! I'm so excited that y'all are thinking of doing a teacher conference. I absolutely love your blog and Abby's blog, you guys are such an inspiration. Currently I am finishing up my bachelor's in Elementary Education and will begin internship in January and while I have taught Pre-K in the past, I don't know if I would qualify for this trip since I am not currently teaching but I would LOVE to attend. I am constantly learning new things from all of you in blog world and I look forward to teaching and implementing all of the neat things that I have gathered from all of you as soon as I graduate. Anywho, I would absolutely love to attend and meet all of you.

    My name is: Chantelle

    My blog is:

    Willing to attend: Yes! 🙂

    Location Ideas: Orlando… its a great vacation spot and what family wouldn't love to go to Disney.

    Best month to travel: I'd say during Christmas break so its not too hot and so that teachers would not need to be away from their classrooms. Although it may only be a 2-3 day conference if its done on a weekend everyone is going to be exhausted when they need to get back to work… just a thought!

    Since I am currently a student and also going to be a teacher (we sure don't make enough money, do we?! sheesh!) I'd be willing to pay: $200.

    Speakers I'd love to see present: You, Abby and Deanna Jump… you guys are all amazing!!!

    Workshop topics: Daily 5, Cafe, Classroom Management, D.I.Y projects, etc.

    P.S. Can I just say that this is super exciting!!! 🙂

  34. Yahoo! I'm in!
    1. Your name & blog
    Kimberly – Funky First Grade Fun
    2. Would you be willing to attend?!
    3. Location ideas
    Love the idea of Chicago or Tennessee. I live in Michigan.
    4. The best month for travel
    winter or summer
    5. What would you be willing to pay?!
    $250/$300 w/o airfare or $500 w/airfare
    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers you’d like to see present
    writer's workshop, math work stations, Debbie Diller, Shari Sloane, 2 Sisters…lots of the TBA authors also do presenting in their own states.

  35. I'm Erin from First Grade Fanatics. I would love to attend! I like Vegas, but also saw that someone suggested Orlando, and that would be really great too! For month, I would say NOT spring break, because that is really valuable family time, so either summer, or a long weekend. Pay, hmmmm. Not quite sure. It's pretty hard to gage at this point. Just keep in mind we are teachers. 🙂 I'd love to see the Sisters as well, and more on center based teaching. Look forward to seeing what happens with this!

  36. What a marvelous idea!!!! I have a friend who is a food blogger and I'm always jealous of the blogging conferences she attends and writes about.

    1. My name is Kristen @

    2. I would LOVE to attend.

    3. I think Chicago, Nashville, Denver, or Orland would be great. My sister was recently married in Las Vegas and we'd never been and took our kids. Not a good idea. I love that you are taking into consideration that we would enjoy bringing our families along.

    4. July would be the best time.

    5. $100 a day would be good – do you think professional development points would be possible for this type of event?

    6. I would love to get some blogging tips, share ideas, and pointers on the most efficient ways to create units/materials. It would be great to hear some of those big names like Debbie Diller, The Sisters, Donalynn Miller, Ron Howard (The Essential 55 guy).

    Thanks for acting on this marvelous idea! Can't wait to see how it evolves!


  37. Cara,

    First I just have to say that I have been following your blog forever!! And I have turned all my co-workers to your blog, I absolutely love what you do and you are a huge inspiration to me!

    But to answer your questions:
    1. My name is Heather, and I am just now working on my blog, I should have it up in a couple of weeks.

    2. I would LOVE to attend!! YES!! YES!

    3. I think Las Vegas would be a great place to meet. You can get such great deals on Hotels there!

    4. I think the best month to do this would be end of June/ July

    5. I don't know how much would be right to pay. But I'm willing to save up to come to this!!

    6. It would be great to hear you and Babbling Abby speak!

  38. LOVE.THIS.IDEA!!!!
    You 2 are so cute and of course have come up with the best idea.
    My name is Monica, my blog is
    I teach kindergarten in CT and I would do this in a heart-beat!!
    Like most of the girls who have commented I would prefer something central….Chicago would be great, while I love Florida it would be brutal in the summer. Just got back from South Carolina and it was H-O-T!!
    Very late June (we worked until the 23rd this year) or early July would be best.
    Not sure about price point, just something reasonable
    I'm so excited!!!

  39. 1. Liz Quezada – First Grade Frolics

    2. I would love to attend! What a great idea!!

    3. San Diego, Pasadena, Las Vegas

    4. July

    5. $150.00

    6. Would love to see the sisters since they NEVER make it out to Los Angeles. Other ideas: How to blog like a pro, how to create materials to sell on TPT, how to sell successfully on TPT

  40. Hey Mrs. Carroll!!
    1. Brittany Adcock
    2. East Texas
    3. I would love Nashville, but any of the places named sound great.
    4. End of June
    5. Maybe $200 for conference
    6. I would LOVE to listen to other teacher bloggers. (Blog Celebrities) The First Grade Parade, The Inspired Apple, and Ladybug's Teacher Files
    This is so exciting!!! I am inspired every day by the amazing things I see every night on all of the fabulous blogs out there.

  41. 1. Jessica
    Teaching Blog:

    2. Would you be willing to attend?! Yes!!!

    3. Location ideas
    I live in Kentucky, so Nashville is sounding great to me!

    4. The best month for travel

    5. What would you be willing to pay?!$500-$600 (including travel)

    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers you’d like to see present
    This might be far fetched… but I would love more info on the Daily 5/CAFE if not from "the sisters" then maybe from someone who has had success with it in their classroom. I teach Kindergarten and then Loop to First the following year, so anything pertaining to these grades I would love to hear!

  42. 1. Janine

    2. I would so be willing to attend and I know some teachers on my team would too.

    3. The best place, I think, would be Orlando. Families could make a vacation out of it, there are many hotels willing to host conventions (which means convention rates), and so many travel there anyway.

    4. July, everyone is pretty much done with school at that time.

    5. The price is a tough one. I would say $150 for a weekend.

    6. Classroom organization, behavior management systems, center set-up, using informational text, connecting literature to other content areas
    (I am sure you could get many of us to help with something).
    I would love to see the sisters!!!!

  43. 1. Mechele Barrow from
    2. Yes
    3. Southeast: Nashville, Atlanta
    4. Spring or Summer
    5. $300 for the weekend
    6. I would love information on copyright laws regarding blogging, how to use graphics to make your activities look better and how to be a better blogger!
    Thanks so much for organizing something like this. This is very exciting!

  44. Hi!! I am so excited! I'm a new blogger (2 months).

    1. My name is Ashley. My blog is

    2. I would love love love to attend. I've probably been driving my team crazy by mentioning all these ideas I've found on teaching blogs.

    3. I live in TN, about 3 hours away from Nashville, so that sounds like the best location for me.

    4. The best travel month for me would be June or July. Summer months of course.

    5. What would I be willing to pay……hmmm probably between $200-$400 range.

    6. I'd love to learn more about making my blog more snazzy. It would also be great to look at ideas regarding the Common Core Standards (since I've heard that about 45 states have adopted them).

    Thanks so much for taking steps to getting the teaching blogging world together. I already have tried so many wonderful ideas!! I look forwadt to hearing the final plan.

  45. This is too cool!!!!

    1. Cheryl Slay – no blog as yet
    2. Absolutely!
    3. Orlando – great for hosting conventions and is family friendly
    4. July
    5. $300
    6. You, Abby, Brooke Perry, Debbie Diller, Web tools for primary students.

  46. 1. My name is Christina and I am working on my blog and it is called firstgradefun

    2. Yes!!

    3. I live in PA so maybe somewhere in the middle?

    4. June, July or August

    5. Not sure but not too much

    6. Lots of new ideas and maybe something on the daily 5.

  47. 1. Tiffany Clark and my blog is

    2. YES YES YES I would love to attend!

    3. NASHVILLE!!!! (I only live 30 minutes from downtown Nashville :)Opryland hotel offers teacher discounts as well 🙂 I'm up for anywhere, though!

    4. Summer or Spring would be best!

    5. Not sure what the going rate is but I'd say under $300 for the weekend?

    6. I love ya'll's blogs so much and I really haven't come across a teaching blog that I haven't loved. Any children's book authors, I would also love to learn more about the daily 5, management ideas, classroom themes, organization ideas, blog design and blog components to be successful at blogging, etc

    This is awesome and I can't wait to see this unfold!

  48. 1. Cassie- Fabulous Firsties (used to be Adventures in Teaching)

    2. YES!

    3. Las Vegas or Orlando

    4. Summer break

    5. $150-$200 for the conference plus accomodations/airfare. But, I've never been to a conference so I don't really know what is acceptable!

    6. Daily 5/CAFE, Organization

  49. 1. Cassie- Fabulous Firsties (used to be Adventures in Teaching)

    2. YES!

    3. Las Vegas or Orlando

    4. Summer break

    5. $150-$200 for the conference plus accomodations/airfare. But, I've never been to a conference so I don't really know what is acceptable!

    6. Daily 5/CAFE, Organization

  50. 1. Your name & blog : Krista (no blog!)

    2. Would you be willing to attend?! Absotooootly!

    3. Location ideas: KANSAS CITY! (ha! that might not be ideal, but could be central!!!)

    4. The best month for travel June or July!

    5. What would you be willing to pay?! $200-ish or more or less! it would be soooooo exciting!

    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers you’d like to see present ANYTHING PRIMARY! math, reading, social st. science, EVERYTHING!

  51. 1. Mary Cardell from A love like ours

    2. um…let me think about this…YES YES YES!

    3. I think half way between us and Abby 🙂 Anywhere is good as long as it's cooler than Texas right now!

    4. Anytime–I'm just subbing right now so my schedule is pretty flexible.

    5. No idea…Sorry, I'm not much help there.

    6. I would love to hear more about classroom management, Daily 5/CAFE ideas, and ORGANIZATION. Teachers collect so much over a year that it can be hard to keep up with all the good stuff 🙂

    Great idea girls! I hope to hear more about this little teacher vaca soon 🙂


  52. I am so excited that this event is in the works! Some fellow teachers in my school and I have been talking about all the blogs and how we would love to connect with the bloggers! A couple of are even thinking of starting a blog!:)
    I live in Mississippi…. so of course I would say Nashville. I do think the location needs to be more family friendly… for example Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Birmingham, or even Orlando… I don't see Las Vegas as a "family friendly" destination. I think late June would be a great time… No worries about taking time off from school and plenty of time to use the rest of the summer to work on the fabulous lesson and ideas I know we would all gain from the event…. As for price I would not say over 200 for the "conference" due to flight/hotel/food expenses…. As for who I would like to see I want to TEACHERS WHO BLOG or who should be blogging…. I don't know about you but there are a MILLION conferences to go to that have "professional speakers" I want to meet and learn from teachers in the trenches! SUPER PUMPED that this is in the works! Ya'll rock!

    Good luck getting your room ready! I

  53. I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE your blog. I came across some of your things from your blog pinned on Pinterest and am now obsessed with checking out all the teacher blogs out there! As a second year teacher, I find myself looking for new ideas and inspiration. Unfortunately, I am stationed overseas with my husband (Japan!) and I am a DoDDS teacher and wouldn't be able to fly out for a conference. I am however, excited to hear there are things like this going on for when I do return to the states. I can't wait to see if there is a conference and follow-up blog postings about it!

  54. My name is Kim, and I don't have a blog because I spend waaaaaaay too much time checking out all of you wonderful bloggers! Can I go to the conference anyway? =) I think you and Abby are about the stinkin cutest things I've ever seen and would love to just hang out and listen to your accent. I love all your ideas. I would love to have a Daily 5 presenter, or even a workshop with multiple people sharing ideas that work for them. Ooooh organization would be great too. I live in UT, so something like Vegas would be feasible. I hate to wait until June, but that might be the best time for everyone! $150 or so? Good luck!

  55. Ditto on Kim's comment. "Hello my name is Paula and I AM a teacher blog stalker." 🙂 Can we come too? I would LOVE to learn how to do what ya'll are doing. I have blogs but want to start a teacher blog. Would LOVE to attend and I am sure I would drink up anything you offered. As aweful as it sounds, I would rather come without the fam so where ever you chose would be groovy with me. (FYI-I am in Salt Lake City, UTAH) Time frame? Spring break (April 9-13)or summer would be my choices. Cost? With advance notice…I can make anything (within reason) probably happen. Actual dollar amount? $500-ish. From the bottom of my now rekindled (from ya'll) teaching heart, THANK YOU! Ya'll truly inspire me.

  56. This sounds great!
    1. Lisa Estill
    1st grade teacher in Texas (brand new…has yet to blossom)
    I saw the pics of your meet-up in Dallas – everybody is so cute. I will be the token forty-something frump from Fort Worth!
    2. Sure
    3. Orlando, Denver, or Big D
    4. July
    5. something that won't clean out my piggy bank – I really don't know
    6. You and Abby, of course. Kim Adsit, Deanna Jump, Jessica Meacham, Jenn Bates-Finally in First is a blog designer. Anybody really.
    Confession…I am a little obsessed and addicted to these teaching blogs and Pinterest! There are worse things, BUT…I am overwhelming myself with ideas and not accomplishing any of them. I would love to know how others manage this infinite barage of awesomeness without going crazy!

  57. Melissa Freshwater a.k.a. Mrs. Freshwater's Class

    I would "LOVE" to attend!!

    Anywhere Sunny


    $200 plus additional for lodging and airfare

    I would love additional info on Daily 5, Assessments, Center Activities, Fitting it All in, etc. Speakers-Anyone would be great! I have learned alot from bloggers this year-Everyone has something to share!!

  58. Yes, yes, yes!
    1.Ericka (there are two other teachers I blog with as well, so they may answer on their own) Firstgradeandfancyfree

    2.Yes if it fits the budget!!

    3. Vegas would be great

    4. Summer months for travel (it is just to hard during the school year to get away).

    5. Um for the conference $200 maybe, teacher pay and adding in travel and motel, it will add up fast!

    6. Okay, I agree with all the other suggestions but it also would be really AWESOME for some sessions on technology tips for your blog (Think lady bug teacher files!), creating units for TPT, PHOTOGRAPHY advice-seriously, don't pictures just MAKE the blog?! and to maybe divide and have grade level or lower/upper elementary presentations so that the information is more specific to each teachers needs.

    You guys are awesome!

  59. Jenna @ FancyinFirst


    3. I couldn't actually view the video because my computer froze up each time, but I'm in NC. Charlotte or Raleigh would be good, or Richmond VA.

    4. I don't mind travelling anytime as long as I don't have to miss work. i.e. weekend trip

    5. Probably $150 for the conference because lodging will be an expense

    6. I love the idea of breaking it up by grade level.

  60. What a great idea! Love it!!!

    1. Your name & blog:

    2. Would you be willing to attend?!
    Yes, yes, YES!!!

    3. Location ideas:
    I would love somewhere on the East Coast or Upper Midwest (like Chicago). Maybe a university would be willing host a conference.

    4. The best month for travel:
    July/August for summer time (still teaching in June), Columbus Weekend

    5. What would you be willing to pay?! $100-$200 max. I think that it would be easiest to not include accommodations, just the cost of the conference, and let folks decide on how much they are willing to spend on the other parts on their own.

    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers you'd like to see present:

    It would be great to do programs in the morning and mixers or nothing in the afternoon. Then those who are "on vacation" can make plans with the family too. I would love to learn more about publishing items – both in book form (like Scholastic) and on on-line venues. I would also like to connect with grade level bloggers, attend sessions on creating a successful blog, and mixers.

  61. Hi!!! I'm Halle…no blog…YET…

    I would definitely attend.

    Location: All for Chicago, Nashville, Charleston, Orlando. Not so much Vegas…

    Willing to Pay: Anything reasonable.

    Dates: To me summer makes the most sense. We get out of school in mid to late June in New Jersey.

    So looking forward to hearing more details regarding this! What a great idea 🙂

  62. 1. My name is Laura Cothran and I am a Deaf Education teacher from the Houston, Texas area. I am recently new to the teacher bloggin' world! I will admit, I have been a blogg-stalker recently and fell in love with the networking and fun ideas that were available at the click of my mouse. I have not been able to find anything related to the Deaf Education field – so I am working at creating one myself… say a prayer! 🙂

    2. Willing to attend? Um, doi!!! I am still new to the teaching world (starting my third year) and would totally be down for a fun trip for a conference. 🙂 🙂

    3. Location ideas – TEXAS! Haha. While it would keep it cheaper for me, there really are some fun areas here that would be great for families. What about Florida? WIth Disney and Universal Studios right there . . . Perfect for entertainment. Not to mention, I have never been. 🙂 I guess, once y'all get more feedback on where people'd like to go . . . I can cast another vote.

    4. The best month for travel – Summer. 🙂
    Substitutes are few and far between (as in, our entire program of 5 schools share ONE substitute) in the Deaf Ed world due to the need to know sign language. Summer=best time!! {june.july.august.}

    5. What would I be willing to pay?! Holy smokes. IDK. $300? $400? Laura=Decisive.

    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers I’d like to see present – What about someone in the "special ed" realm? Inclusion ideas… maybe?!?! TECHNOLOGY, TECHNOLOGY, TECHNOLOGY! So much in our education bubble is moving to iPods, iPads, smartboards, classroom websites… etc. I know I presented twice this summer about a iPod&FlipVideo educational project that I was a part of and at both conferences, it was introducing and giving ideas based on all the technologies that are colliding with education. Let's face it – smartphones and other gadgets are moving up on priority lists.

  63. 1. Anne @ (even though I'm switching to 4th grade this year 🙁 )

    2. I'm new to the blogging world and would totally love to attend!

    3. Anywhere that is accessible by plane with good hotels… I live in DC and my family lives in Chicago and Denver so I certainly travel a lot! I don't have kids, so I would love some place that compromises between the two… maybe that has a little bit of both family attraction but not a "Family Only" type of zone?

    4. Late June or July… since I live away from my fam, my breaks are totally taken up by driving home with the dog to visit or flying to Denver to see my baby niece!

    5. No idea! Plane flights aside, I think it would be nice to try to do a conference & hotel room combo (if possible, of course!).

    6. Meet and Greets with other teachers and bloggers!!! And also success on "Teachers Pay Teachers", speakers like yourself, Abby, Rachelle, and Erica Bohrer, technology ideas (especially regarding technology integration into the classroom)

  64. 1. Sophie Kranz from

    2. YES YES YES, I would LOVE to attend….what a great idea!!!

    3. I think Dallas, Nashville, & Chicago would be great!

    4. June or July

    5. Ummm, I am not sure how much other conferences are because I haven't travled to one or paid out of pocket, but no more than $400 for the actual conference? That is just a guess…haha

    -How to be sucessful on teachers pay teachers and/or teachers notebook.
    -more tips on blogging and the importance of it
    -i would LOVE to see 'the sisters' and learn more about daily 5/cafe

    i hope this idea pans out….how much FUN would this conference be?!?! oh my goodness! 🙂

  65. 1. Josephine dayswithjosie

    2. Oh my, yes!

    3. Texas! 🙂 Philadelphia is a FUN place, too.

    4. June

    5. Definitely less than $500

    – the Sisters! Daily 5
    – technology tips!!
    – ideas to get families (who are not fluent in English) more involved with school

    7. Thank you! You've totally inspired me to be a BETTER teacher!
    Come visit Sugar Land, TX one day:)

  66. 1. Ashley Crosby (still in the VERY beginning phase! )

    2. YES!! YES!! YES!!

    3. Vegas, NYC Charleston?? Anywhere you girls pick will be FABULOUS!

    4. Spring- March, April

    5. anything reasonable- whatever it takes to make a great conference and have a wonderful location

    6. Anywork shops dealing with TpT, Blogging success,

  67. Hi! I'm Natalie from and…yes, yes, yes!! I would definitely attend!! And I know other teacher friends that don't have blogs but stalk-away that would also come along for the ride! 😉

    I love all of your location ideas and would go to any of them, cost permitting. I would also like to throw out Orlando, too, though. Someone else may or may not have mentioned this, but I do for obvious reasons. It's SUPER family friendly bc of all of the options in the area. I was down there in 2008 for a convention through church and it drew the highest numbers in YEARS. They actually had the convention on Disney property, but there are other options, too. (Let me know if you have questions about that!). Either way, the location probably wouldn't keep me from coming! 🙂

    I would say definitely summertime to travel…BUT, I would also do a 3-day weekend, like MLK or President's Day.

    I would pay about $500 for the entire weekend (conference, hotel, food, etc.).

    And I'd be happy to see ANYTHING. I think it would be fun to get a mix of blog-related and non-blog (more teaching) related stuff.

    You girls are amazing!!! 🙂

  68. I would LOVE to attend!
    1. This is Carin..I just, just, just started blogging (meaning I have a site with no posts…:), it's

    2. Would you be willing to attend?! YES!

    3. Location ideas: Since I'm in Idaho, I'd love a West or Mid-west location, but understand the majority of people seem to be in the East…:)

    4. The best month for travel: During the summer…

    5. What would you be willing to pay?! Since travel will probably be expensive…hopefully not too much…:)

    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers you’d like to see present… I'd love to hear about any and all new ideas…:)

  69. Hey everyone!

    1. My name is Leanne Baur and I'm over at Teaching Tales
    2. YES! I would definitely attend!
    3. I am from Baltimore, MD and we have a fabulous convention center here and in Ocean City!
    4. I would travel over Spring Break!
    5. $200-$300 would be a good price
    6. I would love it if you allowed us blogging teachers to set up as vendors because my best friend (also a teacher) and I have been collaborating on selling hard goods based on what we make online! I would love to be able to grab everything in one spot from other teachers as well. Just a thought!

    Best of Luck!
    Leanne :0)

  70. 1. Melissa Prussing (blog still in the works)

    2. Would you be willing to attend?! I wouldn't miss it!

    3. Location ideas- I loved the locations mentioned! I also loved the mini vacation idea!

    4. The best month for travel- end of June/July

    5. What would you be willing to pay?! I'd like to stay under $500

    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers you’d like to see present- You and Abby of course! I've been following your blog and Abby's (back when it was just BabblingAbby) since October. As a first year teacher blogging has made a WORLD of difference for me! THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  71. 1. Jennifer from Empowering Little Learners!

    2. Yes! =) Fun!

    3. I think your ideas are great… however, I would be weary of prices in the cities selected… Vegas is very central for us on the west coast, but half way descent hotels are very expensive. IDK maybe somewhere close to a big city but not in a big city. Maybe you could do two, one west coast and one on east coast.

    4. The best month for travel Summer months for time off reasons… many budget cuts here in AZ and sub money is hard for districts to come by. Which you would think would not be our problem, but it is because then they highly frown on taking days off.

    5. What would you be willing to pay?! That's a hard one… because we would have to pay to travel. We are all teachers and so money is not easy to come by. Is there a way to sponsor everything on your end so the conference becomes free? Or maybe like a small fee to cover just your admin costs but get everything else sponsored? Again, IDK. I did the I Teach K in Vegas this weekend. We had a free room at Planet Hollywood thanks to my mom. I presented so my conference was free too. I still spent about $500 on food and travel for the 5 days I was gone.

    6. Charity Preston is amazing! I am in her TBTS and she has been a great mentor! My suggestion would be to keep the classes about blogging or technology and not so much about teaching content as we can do those in our individual states. But if I could go take classes on how to be a better blogger I would!

    Thanks.. I look forward to what comes of this! I hope it's close and affordable… How about Glendale AZ? Everyone can stay at my house! =)

    Oh wait… what about doing it at a place like we take the kids on trips… where it's a package deal? That might be more doable. And maybe just make it a Friday and Saturday so we can leave the family at home… after all we will be hanging out with bloggers and wanting to met with out friends talk with over the internet at night since we will be all in the same place. Oh… I vote no families! Love them but see you in two days!

  72. Hi Cara! This is an amazing idea! I would love to be a part of it!

    1. Your name & blog – Charity Preston from The Organized Classroom Blog

    2. Would you be willing to attend?! Absolutely!

    3. Location ideas Since I live in Ohio, Chicago or Nashville each work great for me (though Nashville is preferred)

    4. The best month for travel – Definitely early spring or summer

    5. What would you be willing to pay?! – $500 total (including travel and expenses)

    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers you’d like to see present – since it is a teaching blog conference, I think it should focus on topics like how to set up a blog, SEO, how to not constantly promote yourself, using social marketing, etc. I actually have a program Teaching Blog Traffic School where you can find tons more ideas of topics. I would be happy to present – I love presenting 🙂

    Regardless of where or when, I wish y'all the best of luck!


  73. Hi! I'm Sally from

    Yes, I'd be thrilled to attend!

    Location: Personally, I'd love the east coast, but I've seen some other good ideas, too: Chicago, Vegas, Denver. Or even Florida, if it's a winter or spring get together!

    Best month? July. But, I'd be willing to do a long weekend and maybe a personal day.

    Hmmmm, pay depends on the price of travel, too. Not too much, $200 at the most!

    We have so many knowledgeable people among us, I'm sure we could each take part in presenting. For example, I'm an expert on classroom management and brain research. I know we have lots of other experts out there!

  74. 1. Your name & blog
    Suzy Brooks – I have a classroom blog, not a "teaching" blog per se.

    2. Would you be willing to attend?!

    3. Location ideas
    Boston, Nashville

    4. The best month for travel

    5. What would you be willing to pay?!
    That's a tough one – 3 days? Not including travel expenses – about $200 tops, but that would be the only course I pay for during the year….

    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers you’d like to see present

    Increasing traffic, blogging with students (at different grade levels), Blog candy – all the extras that make it so fun. Using blogs to connect with families. I agree with the others – I've presented workshops at Gillette Stadium and Harvard – I'd love an opportunity to present. My guess is that there's a great pool of presenters out there already! I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Mrs. Mimi 🙂

    Thanks for asking!!

  75. 1. Your name & blog – Denise
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

    2. Would you be willing to attend?! Yupper!

    3. Location ideas – Bonnet Creek Hilton Orlando – BEAUTIFUL!!

    4. The best month for travel Sumer

    5. What would you be willing to pay?! depends? (helpful, right?)

    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers you’d like to see present
    Charity Preston on Teaching Blog Traffic School
    Make and Takes
    Smartboard hands on demos
    panel discussions w/successful blogers

  76. 1. Hi this is Deedee from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

    2. Yes! This would be wonderful!

    3. San Diego would be wonderful!

    4. Summer is great, but I would try to make it whenever.

    5. It seems conference fees are range from $300-$400 for a two-day. Seems fair (but I really have no idea)

    6. I would love to have some blogger speakers like you, Abby, and Deanna Jump.

    I would love some technical guidance (Kristen~Ladybug Teacher files comes to mind).

    Key notes: Debbie Diller, The Sisters, Katie Ray Wood??

  77. 1. I am Rachel Lynette of Minds in Bloom

    2. Yes! Totally!

    3. I think somewhere central is key. Really not fair to do it on one end of the country or the other (this coming from a Seattle girl).

    4. Has to be summer. All of our spring breaks are different and Xmas is just the wrong time for a conference, imo.

    5. $300-$500.

    6. I am really interested in TpT, blogging and marketing. Specifically, I'd like to see the founder of TpT Paul Edelman and Charity Preston of TBTS. I would love some Q&A panels – maybe top bloggers or TpT sellers? Also, if you want to appeal to all teachers, it would be great to have speakers for upper elementary and secondary, as well as primary.

    This is so exciting!

  78. Wow! This is a fabulous idea!

    1. Your name & blog: Dana Richliew @ 3rd Grade Gridiron

    2. Would you be willing to attend?! Yes! 🙂

    3. Location ideas: I live in GA, but both Chicago and Nashville are amazing cities

    4. The best month for travel: preferably June or July, but could take off a day or two from school

    5. What would you be willing to pay?! $400-500 total

    6. Suggestions for workshop topics and/or speakers you’d like to see present: Charity Preston, Dr. Dan Mulligan, centers (Math and Reading), higher level thinking activities

    Good luck to you both!

    3rd Grade Gridiron

  79. I LOVE this idea and I'm so excited to see the response; right now there are 90 comments on Abby's page & 85 here!
    1. Nancy~The Apple Basket Teacher
    2. I'd love to if the timing worked and we could afford it!!!
    3. Vegas or So. Cal. then I could drive, if it was flying, it could be a family vacation, but that would mean 5 plane tickets..maybe just for me then????
    4. July would be best…sometimes we run late into June…and a the beginning of Aug. I'm usually in my room setting up.
    5. $100??? Since it could involve traveling expenses, much more would be too challenging I think!
    6. It would be nice to have a block of time that like groups: grade levels, homeschoolers, special ed, etc. could get together! I would love to meet so many amazing teachers!!!! I hope this really works out and that I'm able to attend!
    Thanks, Nancy

    The Apple Basket Teacher

  80. I have not been to blogland in 2 days because I am working overtime to be ready for the 1st day on Monday but I thought I'd pop in quickly and what do I find? My two favorite bloggers teaming up with a brilliant idea!

    1. Jenn Bates from Finally in First

    2. I would LOVE to be there!

    3. We have nice weather here in California (no humidity in summer, warmer than most in the colder months.) There are some nice conference/retreat centers out here.

    4. July (June 2nd choice)

    5. Cost is a real issue for me (and I'm sure I'm not the only one.) The cheapest possible so I can go! Do you need some help? Maybe I can work it off. 🙂

    6. Workshop topics? In addition to the blog topics mentioned already, how about lesson shares? I'd love to come home with not only the printables and lesson description but the opportunity to pick up the actual picture book!

  81. Cara,

    This is a FANTASTIC idea! My blog is

    Out of the locations you mentioned, Nashville would probably be the best for me. The Opryland Hotel would be an amazing place to hold this conference – it is so beautiful there! My husband's family owns a hardware store, and we have been to conventions there before. I live a little bit north of Cincinnati, Ohio. (It would also be great to have the conference in Cincinnati!)

    Late June would probably work best for me.

    The amount I would be willing to pay would depend on the workshop topics/speakers that were available.

    After the book studies that happened on the blogs this summer, I think it would be great to have Debbie Diller and/or Donalyn Miller speak at the conference. Other favorites are Debbie Miller and Sharon Taberski, as well as "The Sisters."

    Thank you to you and Abbie for putting this together!!!

  82. 1. Megan Medders at
    (still working on getting it up and going)

    2. YES I want to attend!! As does the rest of my first grade team!

    3. Nashville would be awesome, since I do live there. 🙂
    Orlando would be fun, but lets be honest, I can't be in Orlando and not at Disney!! Chicago is a great place as well!!

    4. I will travel anytime for it. This could be top on the list of conferences I would want to attend!

    5. I have no idea on a cost. ???

    6. It seems as though so many people are interested in Daily 5 and CAFE and I do feel like though I am using it, I could always learn more about focus lessons during it. Writer's workshops are always a great topic.
    If most people are bloggers, it might also be interesting to have a little session on blog design and how to make it quick and simple. – just a thought. 🙂 I know I could use it!

  83. Okay, this is off topic ….
    Could you let me know where you got such a cool frame that's on the wall behind you? I just LOVE it, and have been googling, on etsy, ebay, etc. and can't find anything similar. Please share if you can.
    Thanks so much!

  84. My name is Michelle Greco and I teach 1st grade in upstate New York. I LOVE your blog! I would love to attend a conference at any of the locations you mentioned. February break (President's Week) or summer break (July and August) would be ideal for travel. I am open as far as price is concerned. I would be interested in workshops about organization/management, incorporating SmartBoard technology in the classroom, and any of the fabulous things you usually post about on your blog.


  85. 1. Stephanie Collings—-no, not really, but I might consider the name if I ever DO a blog 🙂

    2. OMG yes I would attend!!

    3. I'm in the DFW area as well, but would be willing to travel, depending on the dates.

    4. I vote for Spring Break or some other time NEXT year. I'm sure most of us have the same sort of holidays, right?

    5. I've never been to a 3 day conference like this, so I'm not sure how much these usually cost…

    6. I TOTALLY trust that whoever is there will be AWESOME!!

    Thanks so much for all you do…I don't know HOW you all do it with hubbies, kiddos of your own, and teaching your own classes!!

  86. Hi Carol! I don't have a blog yet, but have been reading… and loving… yours since about February. I love the idea of the conference and would do my best to attend! I am 24 and still paying off those college loans, so as cheap as it can be would be great! 🙂 As for guest speakers, I am just itching to hear the sisters talk!

  87. Hi Cara!
    1. My name is Tammy Daniels and my blog is

    2. YES, YES!!!

    3. Nashville, the Carolinas

    4. Spring Break first week of April or June.

    5. Yes

    6. Cara Carroll, Dr. Jean, Debbie Diller

    I live in Wayne West Virgina and we have talked before. I sent you some stuff.

  88. 1. Melissa

    2. Yes

    3. I live in Utah and have a young family. I like the idea of Vegas

    4. Late June or July

    5. Not sure, probably around $200 for a few days of the conference

    6. Children's book authors. How to get sponsors, endorsers for the blog offering free items to readers and tests/review from bloggers

  89. 1. Hi Cara! My name is Stephanie Green and my blog is

    2. I think this is a fabulous idea and would absolutely love to attend!

    3. I love the locations you mentioned! I'm a Texas girl though and would love it if it was here in the Lone Start State but would definitely be willing to travel!

    4. Summer is the best travel time for me.

    5. I'm honestly not sure how much I'd be willing to pay…I have no idea what a fair price would be – I'll leave that up to you and Abby.

    6. There are soooo many topics I would like to see! Some suggestions – I met April Larremore (Chalk Talk) last summer at CAMT and she was fabulous! She introduced me to the world of blogging and I would love to see her present again!
    I would also love to get more info on the technical side of blogging – uploading documents, etc.

    But more importantly I would absolutely love time to visit with you and Abby and others about how you balance blogging, work, family, and church. I'm a reading specialist and I attended a training this past year by Jen Allen through Choice Literacy and what I loved so much about that training was that they limited the amount of attendees per session so it was super intimate. I honestly felt like I was having a one-on-one conversation with her and that I had her all to myself. I would love to have that same opportunity with you, Abby, Deanna, etc. I think it would be great if you guys could offer several SMALL group (50 people max) question/answer sessions where we could talk about whatever.

    you are awesome and such an inspiration!
    can't wait!

  90. WOW!! This is an amazing idea!!! I would love to network with other teachers!!
    1- My name is Leslie and I live in Montreal, Quebec.
    2-Yes!!! I will attend anywhere!!!
    3-I will travel anywhere.. I like the idea of going to Vegas, NYC or Orlando..
    4-Anytime before December or after February!
    5- I will pay what ever the costs are!!!

    YAY!!! I am so excited!!!
    Keep us posted!!

  91. Hey Cara! You are making my dreams come true. Seriously, I feel safe admitting here that I have dreamt of something like this!

    1. Brittney from A Day in the Life of a 2nd Grade Teacher
    2. I would be willing to travel.
    3. Any of the places you suggested seem great. I am especially partial to Vegas but wouldn't mind Orlando either.
    4. July is the best month for me to travel. It seems like that's peak blogging/creating time for us too, so that may work best.
    5. For the conference price… 150 seems reasonable especially if we are going to need pay for travel expenses.
    6. I would looooove some Make-n-Take style workshops from you or Deanna. I also would love some speakers on organization and anything involving writing tips.

    Thanks for organizing this! You girls are the best!

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